PC Games 1/2000: 80%
Games & More 26/99: 80%
GameStar 1/2000: 68%
PC Player 1/2000: 75%
PC Joker 1/2000: 74%
PC Action 1/2000: 79%
MCV KW 48: 80%, Buy Tip B
MMR 12/99/2: 88%
Online Magazine GGO: 83%
Online Magazine Gzone: 76%
Online Magazine GameSpot: 7 out of 10 Points
Online Magazine PC Maniac: 88%
Online Magazine Krawall 16.11.99: 8 of 10 Points, Award
Online Magazine Gamesweb 09.12.99: 3.5 of 5 Stars

MMR-Medien-News 12/99/2 "With Septerra Core, Valkyrie Studios offers up a refreshing genre mixture in an innovative setting and an equally innovative display."

MCV Week 48 “A highly original role-playing game rich in atmosphere and depth. This game will certainly appeal to fans of similar games, such as "Fallout".

PC Player 1/2000: “Combat here is a mixture of real-time and turn-based strategy. That's pretty unique in the RPG world."

GameStar 1/2000: “If you're into manga games and have been waiting for Final Fantasy 8, check out Septerra Core."

PC Games 1/2000: “What looks at first glance like a mixture between Fallout and Final Fantasy 7, turns out to be quite a gripping RPG; one that combines science fiction, fantasy and Japanese anime-drama."

Online Magazine GGO: “Septerra Core has everything that a good RPG needs: a suspense-filled story which will keep you glued to your monitor for nights on end, lots of different characters, complexity, and last but not least, some really nice graphics."

Online Magazine Gzone: “Septerra Core will especially please all those who enjoyed Final Fantasy VII."

Online Magazine GameSpot: “If you're a fan of adventures and Japanese console-based RPGs, then Septerra Core is surely the right game for you.”

PC Action 1/2000: “If I had to choose between playing Final Fantasy VII and Septerra Core, I'd take the latter.”