What the Press says about Septerra Core

GameStar 6/98: "Septerra Core promises classic RPG."

Power Play 11/98: "The game is graphically presented in the most stunning 16 Bit Optics..."

Online Magazin Games Zone: "It's not just the inventory which is more clearly arranged than that of the competition, the graphics are also extremely appealing." "I really like the fact that they've treated the Manga-Look more seriously this time, not like in Final Fantasy, where the effect often seems childish." "Septerra Core promises to be an exciting and suspenseful mix in which both the mystical story and the magical system will help to rocket the game up the ratings charts."

MMR-Pressedienst 7/99: "The lip synching is amazing." "The game's handling, comfortably done by mouse, makes for fast and easy control." "Valkyrie Studios have given us with Septerra Core a remarkable Genre-Mix in an unusual location and with unusual imagery." "I liked it."

Power Play 8/99: "The first impression you get is the graphics' generous format and striking vitality."